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Celestial Gateway Academy

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Beyond the academy there is a never ending starry sky, showing the planets and stars that surround this place. However these lands are treacherous, if one traverses this landscape they are bound to find nothing but dirt and rock.
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The entrance to the Celestial Gateway Academy. The school upon the starry sky is a memorable sight to behold. Here students enter to begin their new school life.
Miriam Avatar

Within the interior of the school, in the courtyards there is a nice sunny sky and night sky as there are actual days. There is different weather too, and sometimes it will snow or rain as it imitates normal seasons and weather patterns.
Raiores Dragryder Avatar

The hallways of the school, which almost every student has walked through at some point. Windows look out onto the courtyards below, and sometimes grades are posted on the walls.
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Where students go to learn, here the mind can be expanded with knowledge. There are all sorts of classes that give students the experience they need in order to graduate.
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Where majority of the students go to eat, the cafeteria serves the usual sloppy dishes. The cafeteria is quite large, often having many open spaces to grab a seat and take a bite.
Zen Avatar

The place where creativity can be breathed into life, whether if its in the form of music, art, theatre, or other expressions. It is somewhat isolated from the other buildings so that the students can practice in peace.
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The smell of sweat and tears fills the large space which is the gym. Physical education and similar classes are taught here, but most students probably come here to use the equipment and practice areas.
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The towers which stand high above all other buildings hold the most finest selection of culture on display. Those who climb the flights of stairs may find the Dining Hall, Ballroom, Museum, and the Library.
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The place where the staff has their offices. Students typically come here to seek aid. Though some may be called upon to come here if they are in grave trouble. This also has the nurse's office, where if any sickness or injury occurs they come through this building.
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The living area where all students and teachers are housed. The girls' and boys' dorms are closer to each other but still at a distance, meanwhile the teacher housing are rather scattered across the area.
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The place of leisure where activities can take place that can't be done anywhere else. It is at the furthest edge at the school which marks its end. Some say it has virtual reality which creates the life-like scenery on the inside, though no one actually knows for certain.


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The OOC area where you can talk about anything! From showing off pictures to talking about things in real life, anything here is possible.
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Come here to say hello or if you will be taking an absence! Get to know your fellow members!
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